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Birgit Lynge


I am a musicologist educated from Aarhus University in Denmark. I also have a bachelor degree in music therapy from Aalborg University, Denmark. Since 1985 I have been running my business, Power-Design. Especially I have worked with Human Resources Development (HRD) by help of all the "tools" from the Greek Muses: Music, singing, arts, poetry, dreams (Jungianism) and dance (body awareness).

All together I call my tools: The PowerDesignMethod - PDM.

You are welcome to contact me for more information.

Meditation and singing prayer

"You can never solve a problem from the problems levet", did Bob Moore say to me once when I needed the most. - The meditation, and especially the singing prayer, is much more worth to rise you to overcome problems than any other mindfullness.

I have been writing books about The PowerDesign Method.

Power-Singing and Skylarks

Of most interest outsite Denmark is Power-Singing and Skylarks: Singing as a help for people with cancer and stress... A helping hand, or voice - so to speek, in order to rise their ability for coping.
Birgit Lynge & Power-Design