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Skylark - in song. West Sussex UK
                                        By Roger Wilmshurst F.R.P.S.

... is singing for cure, to focus on your inner core, to heal, to listen deeply - to strengthen your spiritual contact.
It is a kind of "easy" singing from your heart and by heart. - There is a kind of recipe to follow in order to singing freely and "in tune" with your soul... your Self.
Singing in this way is like twice times of praying. That is what the french people are telling through hundred of years ...

 "When you are singing you are totally centered in your ´hara´."
- Robert Llewellyn (1909-2008).

What is Power-Singing

Power-Singing is a special and easy way of singing. In fact you learn to use your voice in a natural way "as you did from the very beginning". It is a way of singing while using no more energy than needed and being in totally contact with your body and soul. You will then feel common with what you love to do when you sing in this way. In fact we sing out of tune and in tune at the same time. - Yes! This is possible when singing the power-singing; everything is right.

Skylarks - a pilot project

A group of women with cancer used the powersinging during 3 weeks - starting in 2002. The result - after only twice a week with 1½ hours of power singing - was that 7 of 10 participants developed a higher coping. 70 % developed 2 % to 69 % of rise. You and I can do the same when beginning with a bad or good health.

Groups does the same... As easy as falling off a log!

You just have to be a group and then invite me to come and sing with you through 3 weeks.

Underneath you will find a Skylarks Summary from the scientific pilotproject Skylarks.


If you want cooperation about Skylarks, please do mail or phone me 
E: bl@power-design.dk 
T: +45 20 85 02 07.
Maybe you want to start this form of singing with people having cancer or stress e.g. in Canada, in England, in Scotland, in Norway, in Sweeden or else where. - I will be ready to teach you the method so that you can teach others in your homeland, and so on, until the skylarks are singing all over the world.

Skylarks: Summary

The pilot project Skylarks (i.d. Laerkesang: Skylark singing) is about the studies of the effect of Skylarks programme on of the ways the persons who are suffering from cancer are mastering in moving towards the"happy end" on the line: Good health – bad health. The research method used in this project is named the salutogenetic, the principles of which are focusing on sources for health (and not for diseases).

There has been applied a so-called SOC-questionnaire to measure the mastering capability of the 10 female participants,. In this questionnaire, the focus is on the participant’s "Sense of Coherens (SOC)" based on the themes: comprehensibility, coping and meaningfulness in understanding her whole life. The questionnaire has been applied twice: Once when joining Skylarks programme, and once at the end of the programme. What have been measured are phenomena creating a.o. the experience of inner coherens, participation and the balance between overloading and underloading. In this way, the SOC-score appeared is significant to the participant’s rehabilitation of stress factors.

The essence of Skylarks project is the importance for the participants suffering from cancer in coping and healing their life situation, and the interesting point is the development of the participants’ SOC-score during a period of 3 weeks of Skylarks programme.

The result of the active efficient research carried out by Mrs Birgit Lynge shows that 70 % of the participants joining Skylarks programme have obtained an increase in the SOC-score from 2,61 % to 69,64 %, whereas 30 % have obtained a decrease from – 1,29 % to – 3,68 %. However, the latter group have expressed that by joining the programme, they had had a positive effect as to their well-being. All the participants said that the essence of their condition during Skylarks programme has been: happiness, love, thankfulness, peacefulness, harmony, divinity and warmth.

The research project carried out by Mrs Birgit Lynge proves that the health condition undergone by the participants themselves and their general resistance resource have changed positively during the 3 weeks joining Skylarks programme.

The results are astonishing considering the short duration of the programme.

The project will go on, when the funding of the project has been established (i.e. about 1 mio. DKK). A full project will contain an active efficient research running for a period of 3 years on 3 successive Skylarks programmes, each of a duration of 9 months and 3 weeks. 

"The curing energy comes from ´something´behind your singing - from God".
- Mary Crist. Illinoise.

Birgit Lynge & Power-Design