Jeg skriver fra samme sted,
som mine drømme kommer fra ...
Birgit Lynge


Love Trust Development 
I invite you to find your inspiration for Human Resources Development here at The Power-Design regi: Working for creativity during integral understanding.
I am also looking forward comming to you and be working as a specialist in how to use the tools of the Greek Muses as if they were living today. And they are! For sure...
They give us tools for inspiration and protection, for peace and absorption - for connection with "The Living Rivers of Water" - the Power when used in harmony with the rools of God, so to speek.

Music and singing from our hearts is in connection with something unbelievable.
When we sing we are brought behind our words and feelings, directly into the core. And it gives us the contact with the deeper part of us - the deepest part of our selves as after practicing 20 minutes of Power-Singing and following up with the MiniMandalas. - The very deep silence follows as a reality. A place from where the brain and the whole body are in a natural healing process. We then get "advices" and "answers" depending on what we believe as possible to ask for and getting in contact with... What we need for sure.

"All is well and all is well and all manner of thing shall be well", words from Julian of Norwich, an anglican christian saint (1342-1416).

I am offering supervision and mentoring for people who are ready for the next step ...
Allow yourself to "step insite" - and please do contact me if you feel for it and want to get my help.
With blessings,

Birgit Lynge
Birgit Lynge  | Tlf.: 20850207
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